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In this Workshop, you'll learn:


What is Plant-Based Nutrition

Learn what foods are the most important and essential fuel to support your body. 


The difference between Primary and Secondary foods...

In holistic health, we don't just look at the food you see on a plate, we aim to consider the whole person, and all that  you experience which nourishes you. 


Recipes and simple steps you can take to increase  energy.  

There are small, daily actions that we can take to decrease toxins and unwanted stress and increase energy. Over time these steps add up to have a larger impact on how we feel. 

A Note From Your Instructor...

Hello, my name is Deborah...

I help people radically improve their health by following proven methods, such as nutrition-focused meal plans, daily exercise and developing a rock-solid mindset about life dreams and personal growth.

I've spent the past 15 years serving my community as a plant-based health coach, juice bar owner, entrepreneur, author and artist living and working between Brooklyn, NY and the Catskills mountains.

I absolutely love helping the people I work with achieve that "AHA breakthrough" moment when they understand how sometimes even the  simplest shift in lifestyle choice can have a huge, lasting impact on how their story unfolds.

Join me for a fun introduction to Plant-Based nutrition and a holistic approach to how we support our overall health. 

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