New Masterclass

Eat To Relieve Anxiety

5 Foods That Naturally Combat Stress

& How to Cook With Them this Fall!

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What is the Brain-Gut Connection?

Have you ever “gone with your gut” to make a decision? Or felt “butterflies in your stomach”? You’re likely getting signals from the second brain in your gut”. Learn how this link impacts digestion, mood, and overall health.


How Nutrition Can Cause or Relieve Anxiety

Find out how what you're eating directly impacts your levels of stress.


5 Foods That Can Reduce Stress 

Learn the top foods that can immediately help to lower stress levels and why.


How To Cook With Them 

I'd never let you leave my webinar without some DELICIOUS recipes that incorporate nutrient-rich foods.

Let's get some healthy, stress-reducing foods into your holiday meal plan so you can prevent stress naturally! 

"Deborah's course was a game-changer that got me immediately incorporating healthier foods into my diet. I have so much more energy."

Susan B. 

Are you ready to learn how food can impact your anxiety? 

Whether you are juggling too much at work, dealing with a personal crisis at home or just never seem to have enough hours in the day, high levels of stress add up and can do serious damage to your health. 

I have seen the toll stress can take in my own body. Choosing a "nutrition-first" approach to food has completely changed my health and now I'm going to share what has worked with you. 

Join me for my new masterclass where I'll teach you how nutrition can help to reduce stress and exactly what to cook!


A Note From The Instructor...

Hi, I'm Deborah! I have been active as a holistic health coach and juice bar owner for over 15 years.

But it feels like just yesterday that my body was out of balance and I was unhappy, experiencing skin rash, poor sleep, worse digestion and inevitable mood swings.

It took me a lot of personal discomfort, trial and error to realize I needed to take matters into my own hands and change my nutrition habits. 

Now it's my mission to share what I know with any and everyone who may also find some relief.

I hope you'll join me in this fun, interactive masterclass (yes I make health topics fun!) so you can begin to heal any imbalances for yourself right away.