The Anti-Inflammatory 7-Day Meal Plan

Stop ignoring inflammation!

Creating meals that include anti-inflammatory foods is one of the quickest (and healthiest) ways to eliminate the unwanted symptoms that arise from inflammation.

What you'll get with this purcahse:

  • 1 Nutritionally designed meal program with 7 days of meals planned out.
  • Printable shopping checklist with every item needed to make the full meal plan
  • Printable step-by-step Prep Guide for simple, time-saving meal prep 
  • Limited-time Bonus: Discount code for $50 Off the Balanced Bowls Program 

Inflammation is the cause of many physical discomforts - and the root cause of an alarming number of chronic illnesses.

Bloating, achy joints and muscles, fatigue, dry itchy skin and hair loss are all common signs of inflammation. 

Learning to eat foods that naturally reduce stress on your body is one of the most powerful ways you can control daily incidents of inflammation in the soft tissues and joints of your body. 

This 7-day meal plan is carefully crafted to include foods that are known anti-inflammatory aides and can help heal imbalance in your digestive system. 


$7.00 USD or more

Personalized Meal Plan & Pantry Edit - 2 (45 minute) sessions.

What you eat from day to day plays a critical role in how you feel.

Set up your kitchen to support you and your family's health and wellness by including foods that are loaded with quality nutrition.

Together we'll ensure that you're including high-quality, fresh ingredients that will support your health, increase energy and reduce risk of food-related illness.

What you'll receive with this coaching package:

  • A 45-minute Nutrition-Focused Coaching Session

  • 1 Pantry Assessment & Edit

  • 1 Done-for-you Personalized Meal Plan, Shopping Lists & Prep Schedule 

  • Online shopping resources and recommended tools

It's time to prioritize a vibrant, healthy lifestyle and that starts in the kitchen! 

Now is the time to support your body for optimal health, reduce the risk of chronic illness in your body and increase your energy so you can enjoy your life.