$28.00 USD

Would you love to have the meal-plan that suits your specific health and dietary needs done for you?

Sometimes the easiest way to take an action to support our health is to have an expert give us a plan to follow. 

If you love the 3-day gut-health protocol but want more support, then this meal planning session is for you. 

Deborah has been helping clients to craft a truly realistic food plan that will support their health goals for almost 2 decades. She has the knowledge, expertise and the recipes to help you create a plan for what to eat and when, that will support your health and fit into your busy lifestyle. 

Having a health coach support you in choosing the right foods to eat can be the difference between feeling exhausted and like the train is falling off the tracks, to having true pep in your step knowing that your health is not going to suffer, just because your busy. 

Get the support you need to ensure you're eating right for YOU!


Intro to Digestive Wellness & the Gut Health Protocol

Learn the foods and gentle movements that will help restore digestive wellness so you can eliminate bloating, relieve discomfort and receive the many health benefits of a healthy gut.

In this 90-minute live training we'll explore:

  • A framework of how digestion impacts your health
  • Beneficial foods to support your microbiome
  • Mindful Movement for Digestion yoga-based practice
  • The Gut Health Protocol Meal Plan (with Vegan and Omnivore meal plans)

You'll also get: 

  • Replay video of the training to watch as often as you wish
  • PDF Support Documents of the content shared 
  • Exclusive invitation to upcoming wellness events

The gut wall houses more than 70% of the immune system that keeps us healthy and able to fight off chronic illness. There is no time like the present to restore your gut to a healthy balance and reap the many benefits of digestive wellness.