Elevate your home cooking and radically improve your health with simple, plant-based recipes!

In this course you will:

  • Learn about essential nutrition
  • Plan, prep & cook delicious healthy meals
  • Save time and money
  • Radically improve your health 

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Hi, I'm Deborah

I am a health and nutrition coach with over 15 years of helping my clients overcome health challenges and improve how they feel through simple shifts in diet and lifestyle. 

Eating more fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains and leafy greens is a proven way to lower the risk of major illnesses including heart disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity and many others - but many people, myself included, weren't taught how to eat this way. 

It's my great joy to teach people what you need, where to get it and how to make instagram-worthy, delicious plant-based meals in my 5-week, fun and interactive cooking course, Plant Powered Kitchen!

Plant Powered Kitchen is a fit if you are:

  • a busy professional who wants to be eating healthier meals at home so you can save time and money
  • an adult experiencing chronic low-grade stress, inflammation or aches and pains and you want a natural solution to avoid future dis-ease
  • ready to learn about essential nutrition so you can prevent illness and experience a vibrant life
  • excited by the idea of learning new healthy recipes in a fun and supportive community setting

In this course you will learn:

  • the essential nutrients your body needs to function at its best 
  • which plant-based foods offer those nutrients
  • where and how to get those foods, easily and affordably
  • how to prep, cook and preserve foods so you never waste
  • simple cooking methods and delicious recipes that guarantee optimal fuel
  • how to plan for a month's worth of meals 

Above all else…


Plant Powered Kitchen will give you the knowledge and the skills to go from feeling overwhelmed and exhausted by the thought of having to plan, prep and cook healthy meals, to feeling organized, energized and confident in the kitchen!

Eliminate stress while creating delicious, nutrient-rich dishes that will save you time and money, increasing energy and reducing risk of disease.

This is your one and only body. Wouldn't you love to know that what you're putting into it will fuel you for success? 

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Our next course will be held in 2023! 


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