Learn the fastest and easiest way to get fresh fruits and vegetables plus dark leafy greens into your diet - the green smoothie!

Get all the tools, tips, ingredients and shopping lists needed to make nutritious smoothies that fuel you for success!


Deborah's top 25 juice recipes plus everything you need to start a healthy juicing habit at home. Learn tools, tips, tricks, recipes, preservation methods and tons of other resources to become a juicing pro!

The Art & Science of the Healthy Bowl

A 5-week cooking course on the essentials of a plant-based diet.

Learn essential nutrition facts, cooking methods, shopping and prepping tips, plus delicious recipes that you will love.

I Can Help You Reach Your Goals 

I help people learn how to create simple, plant-based meals and beverages to feel more energized, reduce risk of disease, and save money so they can put their focus on what they love. I'm like a life coach who uses food as the vehicle for transformation.

After 15 years as a health coach and juice bar owner, I have learned proven methods to help my clients achieve their health goals.

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I promise that this course is going to be the most fun you'll ever have learning how to eat healthy!