Balanced Bowls

Balance Nutrition & Master Meal-Prep ($97) 

No more wondering what to make for dinner that's going to be good for you and taste great! Save time, money and eliminate stress right here. 

I'm giving you ALL the tools to make eating for energy as painless as possible, including:

  • done-for-you meal plans
  • shopping lists and prep guides
  • weekly calls to action
  • monthly live cooking classes
  • training on how to know the right balance of nutrition and dietary pattern for YOUR body

Remove any obstacles to healthier meals, no matter what your dietary preferences are or how many mouths you have to feed!

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Plant Powered Kitchen 

A 5-week In-Depth Course on Plant-Based Cooking ($497)

Learn the essentials of how to cook healthy, vibrant plant-based meals and prioritize nutrition in this 5-Module online course. Save time and money while radically improving your energy, mood and health!

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Personalized Pantry Edit

& Done-For You Grocery Shopping Lists ($197) $97

What's in your cupboards? Is your food contributing to or helping eliminate toxins?

Having a well-stocked pantry is a critical step in ensuring high-quality nutrition for you and your family. Even if you don't love to cook, let's make sure that the food you have on hand won't harm you. 

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Intro to Digestive Wellness 

A PDF Guide to Gut Health & a 3-Day Meal Plan* &  Protocol For Reset ($17)

Your gut is the epicenter of your mental and physical health. What and how we eat matters profoundly in the balance of our overall wellness. Learn the basics about your microbiome and follow the 3-Day Gut Health Protocol to restore balance and build a healthy digestive system for optimal health.

*Available for both Vegan & Omnivore dietary preferences.

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The Anti-Inflammatory 7-Day Meal Program 

A PDF Meal Plan w/Shopping List & Step-By-Step Prep Guide ($7)

Are you experiencing inflammation?

This could look like joint pain, bloating, aches, dry skin, weight gain and so much more. Inflammation is the underlying cause of so many health issues that it's hard to keep count.

You can take action to combat it immediately by choosing the right foods to eat!

With this 7-day nutritionally designed meal program you will fuel yourself with simple to make, nutrient-rich, whole foods that won't cause damage to your cells and will help to reduce and relieve the symptoms of inflammation.

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