Intro to Digestive Wellness & the Gut Health Protocol 

A 90-minute interactive training to help create digestive wellness. 

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Gut health can be tricky—when your microbiome is out of whack, it can cause all kinds of problems, from poor digestion to lack of sleep, headaches and weight gain

Have you experienced...

bloating, fatigue, slow metabolism, persistent stress or feelings of anxiety?

Poor digestion is linked to all the above.

This class is for anyone who is:

  • interested in understanding the importance of gut-health 
  • curious about movements that will support balanced digestion
  • ready to learn and practice simple actions that can heal imbalances 
  • feeling ready for a reset

The gut walls house 70% of our immune system and impacts every aspect of our health. In this training, you will learn sustainable practices to support optimum health.

Including high-fiber recipes with gut-friendly ingredients and learning how to get your body into "rest & digest" mode are critical steps towards restoring balance in your microbiome.

Join holistic health coach Deborah C. Smith as she guides you through a natural process of resetting and restoring gut health through food and movement.

More Energy

Eating foods that offer a full spectrum of healthy nutrition, your energy can increase right away. 

Less Stress

Breath work and mindful movements help to lower stress levels that can lead to inflammation. 

Healthy Digestion

The balance of your microbiome can impact every aspect of your health and wellness. 

Does this sound great?

Then don't hesitate. It's never too late to start a healthy habit. 

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"This class was a game-changer that helped me to start incorporating healthy foods into my diet right away. I immediately experienced more energy and less fatigue."

Susan B.
Art Teacher

Tools, Trainings & Recipes

Get started immediately with:

  • master list of gut-friendly foods 
  • 30-minute yoga-based movement practice to restore calm and help you digest 
  • 3-Day Gut Health protocol with meal plans for both Vegan and Omnivore dietary preferences 
  • Replay video of the training so you can watch whenever you want

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Begin a lifetime of wellness with the basics of gut-friendly nutrition and mindful movements that you can incorporate immediately. 

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