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Top 10 Daily Detoxification Strategies

Learn the best ways to combat environmental toxins found in air, water, food and daily lifestyle products.

The Balanced Bowl Formula 

Too busy to plan healthy meals? Use this tool for beautiful bowls with balanced nutrition - every time! 

Tools & Equipment for a Plant-Powered Kitchen

Click here for a roundup of my picks of the must-have tools for eating more plants!

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Milk Thistle Tea

Get safe and effective liver-support with calming Milk Thistle Tea. I cannot overstate the importance of a healthy liver for healthy function of he entire body. Not only is the liver responsible for filtering out tons of toxins from our food, air and water on a daily basis, but its also the organ tasked with burning fat. You need a healthy functioning liver to properly burn excess fat. 

Best Blender for All Kitchen Needs - Vitamix Ascent 3500

The perfect gift or investment in your healthy lifestyle!

We use this all-in-one machine multiple times a day in our household to make light work of many tasks! Making smoothies, fresh juice, salad dressing, soups, nut butters, ice cream and marinades all becomes a joy with this work horse blender. 

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Best Home Juicer - Omega Slow Masticating Juicer

There are several reasons why this juicer is superior for home juicing:

  • Less Prep Time: It's two-liter capacity allows you to insert whole pieces of produce at once, eliminating prep work.
  • Easy to clean: An all-in-one auger and no screens creates less parts making assembly and cleanup a breeze.

  • Very versatile: You can prepare various fruit juices, vegetable juices, nut milks, ice cream and more.

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